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We need a space heater

We need a space heater

I can’t help but laugh at my guy and his family sometimes… They are the kindest people and all of us all get along extremely well, but they have lived a life of luxury that is so completely foreign to me that I have a challenging time relating to them at times. For instance, they have resided in large luxury homes and can easily afford to eat out any night of the week. My own idea of a “budget” is so different from what they consider thrifty. They were born and raised in Florida, whereas I grew up in the barbaric midwest. Their comfort and temperature preferences are so vastly different from mine that it can be incredibly amusing. Just the other morning I was thinking we were experiencing such delightful weather back home. The furnace had barely been used so far this season. The indoor air temperature was staying around 65 degrees without any temperature control intervention, and I was entirely enthusiastic with this sizzling temperature considering it wasn’t costing us any additional money. We usually have 40 degree weather and it is absolutely imperative to operate the central heat every morning by this point. It is quite extravagant when the electric finally come around. Only a little while later, we got a message from our in-laws that they needed an electric furnace for their patio because it was only 70 degrees outside. The people I was with and I all laughed, but knew that they were truly serious with their perception of this hardship and necessary Heating, Ventilation plus A/C purchase. I really have to say, it must be nice.

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