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Thermostat settings at moms

Thermostat settings at moms

My dad went out of town last weekend on a trip with her buddies, so I stayed with our Dad at her house.

Whenever our dad travels, our sister or myself stays with mom. She hates to be alone at night, and the people I was with and I don’t mind keeping her supplier. Our weekends together always turn into unlimited women time. Last weekend, I arrived at our mom’s cabin at 7pm. Both of us drank a few glasses of wine, and sat on her screened in porch while the people I was with and I chatted about life. When it was time for bed, I made myself comfortable in her guest room. I had a easily hard time falling asleep, because our room was so cold. When I got out of bed, I went in search of her thermostat. When I found it, I increased the temperature from 79 degrees to 74 degrees. I wouldn’t normally change someone’s thermostat settings, however this was our Dad and I felt no shame. Once our room warmed up, I went back to sleep, however, I woke up multiple hours later to freezing temperatures again! I was shivering under the covers and couldn’t get hot enough. I went back to the thermostat, and saw that it had decreased in temperature again. I reset it to 74 degrees again, and tried to fall asleep. I woke up again after a few hours, and chalked the varying temperatures up to a terrible Heating and Air Conditioning system. When I confronted our Dad about it in the afternoon, she said she was the a single lowering the temperature after things heated up.

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