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We heated our house with a propane heater for a week

We heated our house with a propane heater for a week

I really do not like the winter season.

It gets pretty cold where we live, and I cannot stand the cold.

I really wish that we could move somewhere warmer, but my husband has a really good job here, and all of our family lives up here. I have been trying to talk my family into moving out west with us, but they just do not seem to have the same desires to move as I do. For now, I guess we are stuck in this cold climate. It would not be so bad if it were not for the frequent ice storms that we get. We usually get three or four bad ice storms each winter. This past winter, we had such a bad ice storms that it knocked out our power for a total of seven days. Our furnace runs on electricity, so we had no source of heat for an entire week. We had to come up with a plan to help keep our house warm enough for the pipes not to freeze. We ended up using a couple propane heaters that my husband borrowed from work. They kept the house at about forty degrees which was not very warm, but it was warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing which was a huge blessing. The only thing that really bothered me about using propane heating was the fact that it made the house stink. The smell of propane is one of my least favorite smells, and I found out just how much I hate the smell when it was our only source of heat for that crazy week.

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