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My aunt’s space heater caught her house on fire

My aunt’s space heater caught her house on fire

I have always been afraid of fire.

It is just one of those fears that I was born with.

I do not remember ever having any bad experiences with fire as a child, but I was always deathly afraid of it. When my friends invited me over for campfires, I would always say no because I could not stand to be anywhere near a campfire. I have gotten a little better now. I do enjoy sitting beside a campfire and roasting marshmallows, but if I were asked to start the fire or put it out, it would be very difficult for me. I have always been afraid of space heaters because I have heard so many stories about them starting fires in people’s houses. My husband is logical about things, so he did put a space heater in our basement, but he made sure that it would be perfectly safe. I was still worried about it sometimes, but I trusted his judgment. It made matters worse when my aunt’s house caught fire because of a space heater. It was so scary. She had a space heater in her bedroom, and it caught fire in the middle of the night. Thankfully, she happened to be away that particular night visiting family. Her entire house burnt down because of that one space heater. I have never been so paranoid about space heaters in my life. My husband told me that if it made me feel better, he would find a different way to heat the basement without using an electric space heater. I told him that would make me feel better. I just cannot do space heaters after that incident.
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