My son is meant to work in HVAC

Ever since my son Miles was in the eighth grade he has told me that he wanted to follow in my path in addition to become a licensed Heating in addition to A/C worker.

Back when he was just a little guy, my partner in addition to I were not sure how to handle our son’s passion to follow in my path. He was so young in addition to hadn’t been able to experience other professions before. He has not even learned about them in school! As the years started to pass by in addition to we started to see how naturally qualified our son Miles was when it came to Heating in addition to A/C maintenance, we knew that this job was going to be what he would be best at. If I was to be truthful with you, I think that he has a real chance at being better at this line of task than I ever was. I won’t tell him that though or it will just ruin his already high ego. Now that my son Miles is out of high school he has finally finished up his training in order to become a qualified Heating in addition to A/C worker! I still get calls in addition to texts from Miles nearly every other day with questions about the many Heating in addition to A/C topics. In all honesty, I think that in a few more years he will learn more in addition to be more skilled when it comes to that industry than I ever was in my 40 years as a Heating in addition to A/C worker.
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