Had to invest in a new heater right away

When my girlfriend Lois and I bought our first home nearly a year ago, our parents thought that her and I were insane.

My folks were so against us buying our modern home that they even tried to bribe us.

Her parents gave us concert tickets and offered helping us hire a realtor to find a different home! Despite what our family said, Lois and I ignored all of the advice in addition to ended up going through with the sale rather fast. Lois and I have been living in our home for almost a year now in addition to there is no doubt in either of our heads that we rushed into this decision a bit too soon. One of the things that Lois and I were not able to realize at the start was how poorly the home was heated. The only heating equipment in our 3 bedroom home was a small portable heater located in the den. Even using the portable heater running on the highest possible setting, Lois and I were only able to keep 1 room hot enough to feel comfortable in. I really have no idea how the previous renters were able to live here for so long. After a few weeks of being forced to rely on thick blankets, Lois and I made the adult decision in addition to decided to invest in a brand new gas furnace. With the furnace to keep us hot it is much less annoying paying our bills.


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