An injury working in HVAC

I got disfigured at work recently.

There was a wild accident that could have happened to any of us at the final end of the work day.

I got hurt by not sticking to proper safety cautions. I had suffered an arm injury that had laid myself up for around 2 weeks now. I have always been the type of man who prefers to be more on the busy side as well, so having so much time off was not good for me, it was not relaxing. So with all of the free time, I watched a lot of TV, and now you can’t pay myself and others to sit down in addition to watch a modern TV show. Once I was fed up with watching TV all afternoon & playing on my iPhone, I started to try my best to read up on our profession. I wanted to keep up with the mental ideas of the job since I wasn’t able to physically work on our craft. Now that the time has finally gone by & our arm is feeling nearly 100%, I have finally been able to return to work as a Heating & air conditioner repairman… Going into the office & seeing all of my friends was so great. They were happy to see me get back on the job again. I am so happy to be back to work. I am even more happy to help repair & install heating & cooling units to improve the lives of families all over the city. I will be more careful on the job now in addition to not damage myself again.

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