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Have to care for my HVAC

Have to care for my HVAC

I am truly looking forward to owning my own property. Apart from not having to enrich our landlord, I will be free to keep our property in the same shape, equipped with every comfort I may require. There are always problems with rented property… When it doesn’t happen to be noisy neighbours, it’s bugs, broken appliances or lack of A/C or furnace altogether. I have lived in this apartment for a little over two years now and since moving can be so strenuous, I have tried to overlook several issues around here! Still, whenever I recall what happened last Wintertime, I begin picturing the home I will own one day.. As the frosty season approached, myself and a few renters made the decision to keep hounding the landlord till he had the Heating plus A/C equipment acceptably inspected. A team of Heating plus A/C suppliers eventually turned up and they spent many hours just cleaning vents, ensuring that the furnace would heat up, and setting everything else right with the Heating plus A/C equipment… We felt ready to take on the Wintertime and when it arrived, the Heating plus A/C equipment was working elegantly. Warm air from the furnace kept us perfectly comfortable inside, with temperatures in the mid twenties outside. Suddenly one morning, there was no heat in the slightest. When we attempted to hook up our area furnaces, we came to the realization that the problem was with the electricity. Money for the utility bill which had been collected with everybody’s rent, had not been paid up to date. There was such an outrage that the apartment manager quickly paid the bill and by that evening. Heating plus A/C, TV, fridges and everything else were now working once again. If I were in my own property, though, I would never have lost service from my Heating plus A/C and other vital appliances at all.   

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