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HVAC being used improperly

HVAC being used improperly

I absolutely care about my children. But I totally can’t wait for them to grow up & leave my property! I have several youngsters & they are the pride & joy of my life! I carry their pictures around with me all over the place, ready to show them off to whomever will look… My youngsters are very well mannered, great looking & smart. I could not be more proud of how great they are performing in school. The one thing that really bothers me is their wasteful habits. We had a mini split HVAC installed in our beach house not too long ago, in the hope that it would lower our energy bills. We had no such luck! My eldest, Mark, is the most careless of them all, though the others are following his example. We were thinking that when he had his own temperature control unit, he would use the Heating & A/C equipment more efficiently but things seem to have only gotten worse. When our old Heating & A/C equipment was acting up, we got into the habit of turning it off & opening up the windows. Since that time, it’s like Mark cannot lose that habit, even with our new Heating & A/C equipment working wonderfully. If he could just remember to turn off his temperature control component before opening his windows, we wouldn’t have a problem, however he can’t seem to do that. There are months when our power bill is a great deal higher than it was with our old equipment. This is simply because Mark & his siblings are using our Heating & A/C equipment the wrong way. It may not be legal, however I am actually thinking of nailing his windows shut permanently. While that stops Mark’s wastefulness, I’ll try to discover a way to handle his other siblings..


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