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Missing the a/c outdoors

Missing the a/c outdoors

When I was in university, I worked part-time for a local landscaping supplier inside the warm seasons. It wasn’t the best paying job for me, however it was a truly nice way for me to keep some income while classes were out. All-in-all, the work wasn’t too hard, however on hot afternoons, I despised mowing in the sun. The supplier I worked for had just one air conditioned mower. Someone who worked there full time was always able to get it before I had the chance though. I can remember the few times when I was able to use it, and it made my work so much less challenging. Mowing with the A/C running was especially relaxing. It made me feel pretty much like a king because all I had to do was chill out and drive the mower. After I finished up with university, I ended up working at a local business where I was the employer. I was thrilled to be moving into that workplace because from then on out I knew that I wouldn’t have to work in the intense heat anymore. My office was air conditioned, and all I had to do was make adjustments to the control unit to get the cool air really going. I’m thankful that I had that landscaping work. The money and experience were basically all that I needed at the time. Now I’m glad I have an office workplace with an A/C. I’m just not cut out for being in the heat for a majority of the time! I hope to stay with the supplier I am with now and continue to go up in the ranks. My goal is to eventually own a business!

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