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Cold times and heating

Cold times and heating

This has to have been one of the absolute worst Winter seasons I can recall in all my years on this planet. The region where I reside has experienced record lows that were eclipsed by new record lows on a few occasions. That is really horrifying as well as I am totally exhausted with it. I also had to spend a small fortune over the Winter season just repairing the oil furnace. We had to use it so much that the control board easily burnt out sending a surge to the ignition switch destroying that as well. Essentially, I had to have the entire electrical system totally replaced on the oil furnace as well as it almost cost as much as buying a new oil furnace altogether. It is things such as these that make me question why I continue living in this section of the country. I could actually take my trade to another part of the country and I wouldn’t have to deal with brutal Winter weather anymore. It seems I am just asking for punishment. I guess I should be living where it is typically hot outside. I could get a truly nice tan as well as be able to enjoy the outdoors for the whole length of the year. Sure I would have to use an A/C to get to sleep at night, but that is not so bad in comparison to this frozen mess. I guess I might have to really consider this move to a better area of the country. It would not be all that strenuous as well as it will certainly extend my life expectancy. If nothing else I will age much more gracefully.

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