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Temperature control for the beach

Temperature control for the beach

This Summer our family and I rented a large old house which was right on the beach on the outer banks.  Every room on the second floor had wonderful decks which overlooked the ocean. My family and I had coffee and most of our meals on one of the decks. My family members and I were lucky enough to be able to see whales breaching out in the ocean! The whole experience was simply incredible and all of us are excited to go back soon. The only real concern all of us had during this wonderful vacation was an issue with the heating and air conditioner unit in the beach house. It was an older house but had been completely updated and was outfitted with a brand new, state of the art heating and air conditioner unit. The unit was almost completely worked on its own. The only thing that all of us actually needed to do was set the temperature on the thermostat and then the system was supposed to take care of the rest. Unfortunately, all of us are kind of ignorant when it comes to high technology! The digital thermostat was completely beyond our brain abilities and all of us could not figure out how it operated. No one in my family even know how to turn the air conditioner on so it was decided that we would just leave the windows open for almost the entire week that all of us were there! Thank goodness that it wasn’t freezing that particular time, or all of us would have frozen to death! There’s no way that any of my family would have figured out how to turn on the heat! I’m just thankful that all of us had beautiful weather, not only because all of us could eat outside and go see whales swimming by, but because all of us did not have to fight with the thermostat, either!


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