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Travel and temperature control

Travel and temperature control

I may be a bit of an obsessive personality, but don’t worry. I don’t mean drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex. My concern is that I have a predisposition to become obsessed with just about anything, however I especially tend to get fanatical about any new interests, and it can sort of take over my life for a while.  It generally doesn’t last too long, at least, and soon I get distracted by something and then my attention is in that direction for a few weeks. That lifestyle can be a bit high-priced as well as stressful when you’re continually totally involved with a particular activity. Last month, I invested over $6,000 in my latest obsession. You see, in the past 3 weeks I began hand-raising endangered local birds. It’s a truly satisfying feeling and they are quite adorable, although I have started to worry about their air quality so I had a large aviary built for them in the backyard, which works beautifully during the summer but now I’m not sure how to contend with the chilly air of the winter season that is headed our way. Air quality for them is also another worry, since they have such sensitive respiratory systems, prone to infection from airborne bacteria as well as pollutants! That’s when I decided to call our local HVAC company for a consultation. I asked them just what could be done to modify the air temperature for the birds as well as the air quality for them.  I stupidly told them that money is no object and they installed a new ventilation system within a week, as well as a whole new heating and cooling system for the structure and my birds are happier now more than ever, as well as I’m suddenly extremely interested in home HVAC system repair.

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