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Low a/c setting

Low a/c setting

The other afternoon, our child got into a fight after school, she came into the house and her face was pretty messed up.  I knew she had gotten into a fight, and told her she looked horrible. She told us that I should see the other kid. I got a little laugh out of the old saying. I told her I would have to take her to our pediatrician to make sure she didn’t have a broken nose or anything else serious. She didn’t want to go, but I took her to the hospital.  As my husband and I waited to see the doctor, it became unbearably cold inside the waiting area. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and asked them if they could adjust the control unit since it was absolutely too cold! They told me that they were obligated to keep the control unit at a low setting so the air conditioning system would keep the waiting area completely cold. Keeping the hospital waiting area at a low temperature is a policy in order to keep germs from spreading to others. While that absolutely made plenty of sense to me, it still was incredibly chilly, and our child and I were not comfortable in the least. It was hard for me not to just leave the hospital and take care of the issue on our own at home. I already had given our child and ice pack to keep on her black eye. When my husband and I finally went to see the pediatrician, she examined our daughter carefully. She found that she didn’t have a broken bones or anything else serious.  Our child was definitely lucky everything turned out alright. She said to just take some motrin and keep applying an ice pack to her eye. She said she should feel better in no time. We were so relieved when my husband and I got out of the chilly hospital waiting area. To me it seemed like the HVAC abuse due to how cold it was in the hospital. But I guess if making all the people freeze kept others from getting sick, that was okay.

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