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Cold air coming from the vents

Cold air coming from the vents

Last summer, it was just me and my younger sibling at the house, because our parents were away that weekend at a couples retreat that they had been talking about for awhile.  Of course, I had their number to call for emergencies. Well it turned out to be a boiling weekend so we cranked up the A/C. I noticed, after awhile, that the A/C was running but the air was not all that cool coming from the air vents. I kept lowering the temperature on the temperature control, it didn’t seem to help at all. I called our parents and they began telling me what to do when their cut off. I tried calling them back but I couldn’t get reach them. I wasn’t sure what happened but I was starting to freak out because it was getting really hot inside of the house! A little while later, I got a call from an unknown number. It was our mother and she told me that she already called an HVAC company to come to the home immediately to service the a/c. I was relieved because it felt that we were roasting to death.  She asked if I had the fans going and I said I did. She said to wait patiently for the HVAC specialist to arrive. She explained that I would recognize him by the company car and the HVAC uniform. I asked her what happened before and she informed me that her iPhone died before she was able to plug it in. That was just great, I told her I loved her and begged her to charge her iPhone. When the HVAC specialist arrived, he found that our a/c unit had a coolant leak, however he was able to repair the leak and refill the coolant for the a/c. After the service, our A/C ran ice-cold! I thanked the repair technician and he went on his way.

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