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HVAC system struggling with the fur

HVAC system struggling with the fur

Dogs and cats are taking over our house!  It is deranged with all these critters around.  What began with 1 dog has now evolved into a pet menagerie.  The amount of hair, fur & dander coming off these critters is shocking.  Our outmatched air conditioning gets clogged with all this detritus from all the pets.  I am forever cleaning the filters on the air conditioning system and I have even exchanged to the special type filters for the air system.  These filters are good but it still seems like our HVAC is laboring. It just doesn’t appear that the air conditioning is able to turn the air over enough.  I realize our house has far too many pets but the environment in the house just reeks of dank & stale all the time. Every one of us are attempting to mitigate the strain on the air conditioning system by taking the critters outdoors each day to try combing them out there.  This helps a little with the fur & hair flying everywhere, but the HVAC seems to still effort. I want the air to have at least a bit more of freshness to it. We have enrolled in a repair program that brings a certified & professional HVAC worker to our house 4 times a year.  The worker comes in and cleans out the inner mechanism of the cooling system then removes unhealthy contaminants with other particulate left from the animals. The air conditioning pro told us that our system was seasoned and not entirely up to the current demands that we put upon it but its still operational.  She said that extra repairs will help provide us time, so we can get a price for installing a new HVAC central system with media air cleaner. And then maybe the place won’t stink like a cage at the zoo.

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