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Not good heating and air

Not good heating and air

A few Wednesdays ago, my spouse plus and I attended a soft opening for her friend’s new modern eating establishment. I must say that I wasn’t terribly excited for the event. I didn’t personally really like the guy, plus I thought that he was laundering money for the mob. But my wife was managing one of the other eating establishments he owned and so he two of us had to attend the event at this place. It was attractive plus stylish, but the decor was totally overdressed with a lot of luxurious crap. The menu was featuring 3 fancy dishes from the chef, with each dish being inspired by our local cuisine. The first course was a soup of black beans, corn, plus fire roasted shrimp. The next course was a poached salmon with lemon hollandaise sauce. That course was our favorite. By the time the two of us got to the next course, I started to feel a wet dripping on my head. The air vent above our dining table was leaking water on our heads. I moved our chairs, but the leak continued to get worse throughout the next two courses, My spouse alerted the director, and they seemed to be having the same troubles all over the room! Others were facing leaky air vents above their tables also. That’s the reason for soft openings. It’s best to work out the kinks, before the actual grand opening night. My spouse and I left right after that so I don’t really know if they managed to service the leaking air vents or not. We will not be dining there again, I know that for sure!  

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