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It is nice and sunny in here

It is nice and sunny in here

Around the corner from our residence is a nail salon that specializes in gel nails. I adore to get my nails done on occasion. It is so convenient to have this nail salon so close to our house. Whether I need to shed a little bit of skin plus get a pedicure, or I wish to get a manicure or fake nails, this is the best place for me… Except, there is a single problem that I wish could be fixed… They are too cheap to turn on their Heating plus A/C machine! Every time I go there, it is either too tepid or too frosty in there! Plus, they also use a great deal of chemicals plus beauty products that have incredibly powerful aromas. All of those items have powerful smells, so the indoor air quality is terrible when there is no air flowing through the air vents in that environment. My sinuses always get to acting up every time I am there! I appreciate the people that work there plus I easily appreciate the location also. I simply wish they would not be too cheap to use the heating plus cooling machine when appropriate. Now, I certainly understand that in the fall plus Spring the mild weather may allow them to open the window plus door instead of relying on Heating plus A/C machine, but otherwise, the customers should be comfortable. Most of the time, since we are in the South, we need to have a reliable A/C machine running. There are only a few weeks a year where it is necessary to use the heater… One time I got there in the day, plus there were already half a dozen women waiting. I decided to sign in plus took a seat to wait for my turn. Well, it already takes 35 minutes to do my nails; with a twenty hour wait on top of that. It really is just too long to be going separate from a good a/c machine. I was forced to get up plus leave plus look for another nail place who would turn on the a/c machine!

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