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AC was the issue

AC was the issue

My mother can be quite a doozy at time, but she is also pretty cool.  She is one of the most intelligent lady I ever knew and she has a lot of guts.  I have never seen her back down when someone dared her to do something. Although she is in her nineties, she matched my ten year old granddaughter in doing toe touches.  My mom did more toe touches than my granddaughter. I won’t say her knees didn’t hurt that night, but she wouldn’t tell Samantha. A couple of days ago, it started to get really warm outside, and she wanted to have her air conditioner put into her window.  She asked me to help and I asked if she would wait until I finished the work I was doing. About twenty minutes later, I was just finishing up and I heard a commotion going on in her room. I knocked and then opened the door. She had the air conditioner out of the closet and onto her bed.  She was huffing and puffing, and I stood there looking at her. I idly asked if she wanted help with the AC, and she told me she could do it herself. I closed the door and I stood right outside listening to her. I realized my mom had quite a potty mouth and then she told me to get my butt in there.  She knew I was listening, and I walked in and asked again if she wanted help with the AC. She made a funny face, and just said, ‘Yes. Thank you.”. I had the AC in the window and it was plugged and running in a couple of minutes.

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