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Different air quality indoor than outdoor

Different air quality indoor than outdoor

There is something about walking that really makes me feel good.  I think it could have something to do with the fresh air that is associated with the mountains, but when I come in from walking, I also feel like taking a nap.  Maybe it is the air quality and how invigorating it is, that I am really pumped, and then I come into the unnatural air quality of the air conditioning. I really don’t like the air quality in my home, because of my air conditioning.  Lately, it hasn’t been working as well as it once had. I do all of the inspections and air filter changes that are recommended, but something just isn’t right. I’ve had a lot of difficulty with the humidity, and that really causes me to be tired.  I don’t sleep well when it is overly humid in the house. I talked to my HVAC company and they offered to come in and do a full inspection of my HVAC system. What they found scared me to death. When they opened up the duct work, they found mold in the system.  I’m sure a certain amount of mold is normal, but this was big colonies of mold. They told me that if that was in my air, then I was breathing the mold spores into my system. Maybe that is why I have been so sluggish and not breathing properly. I go outside, and the effects of the mold is able to be flushed from my system for those few minutes, with the perfect outdoor mountain air.  I then go back into the house, and I am once again bombarded with the mold and bacteria.

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