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Radiant floors in the north

Radiant floors in the north

I wasn’t really prepared for my move up north.  I didn’t realize that it could really get so cold.  I had lived where it was always hot and humid, and I guess the idea of snow in the winter, wasn’t really what I thought it would be.  I was thinking that I would have some days with some snow flurries, but I never expected for it to be cold and snowing more than it was warm.  It didn’t take long to figure out how to use my HVAC system. I had the furnace running nearly all of the time, and I wanted to get something in my home that was more efficient in the heating and in the energy.  I was doing some reading about different heating systems, and I came across radiant heated flooring. The radiant heating allows the air to gently float up from the floor. Since heat rises and the heating is coming from the floor, it is very efficient.  I decided this was the heating system for me. I knew that I would not only be able to a good heating system, but I could also save money. I called the HVAC company about the installation, and I found out that it was a costly to have the radiant heating installed, but in the long run it would be much better for me.  Radiant heated flooring is something I would recommend for everyone who lives in the colder climates, and not just those of us are not used to needing to use heating in their homes.

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