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Rental a/c

Rental a/c

I remember all of the good times that I had as a youngster.  Sometimes I forget a lot of other things, but my summers remain so clear, as if they happened just yesterday.  My most vivid memory is of the cottage my parents owned. It was located by a lake a couple of hundred miles away from our home, and my parents used it as a summer rental for tourists.  It was extra money for them, but I remember going there and spending about two weeks a year. We would fix up the cabin, and make repairs to get it ready for the summer and all of its future dwellers.  It seemed like dad used to spend most of his time fixing the air conditioning in that little cabin. He offered air conditioning even before it was popular. I don’t think anyone who rented the cabin would bother to clean the air conditioner, or even to change the air filter.  It wouldn’t surprise me any if they used the air conditioner all of the time, and they probably kept the thermostat as low as it would go. When summer finally came to end, the air conditioner was played and dirty. Once again dad would be changing the air filter and doing a complete rehaul of the unit.  He always said that the air conditioning wasn’t allowed to be used by us, because it was for the paying tenants. As a kid, I really didn’t care, because we just swam in the lake and that was enough to cool us. We didn’t need the air conditioner.

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