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Woods and heating

Woods and heating

I am an author, and I sometimes find it very difficult to keep my personal life out of my professional life.  If anything is put on the back burner, it is my writing. A couple of years ago, I rented a cottage out in the middle of nowhere.  I just wanted to pay attention to nothing my my new book. I felt that the only way I was going to be able to get any work done, was if I was out in the world, where I didn’t have any distractions, and maybe I could finish my novel.  The idea actually was a good one, and not only did I finish my book, but I ended up getting into great shape. There is no formal HVAC in the cabin, and I decided to take a space heater with me so I had some heat in case it got cold out there.  The space was no match for the kind of cold that I was enduring. I had to take the old axe and go out into the woods and cut some wood, so I could burn it in the old fireplace. I was chopping wood when it was daylight and writing in the night time.  I didn’t notice any physical changes, but I noticed my writing was getting done. I was chopping wood, to stay warm, which made my body look more sleek and toned, and I learned things about myself that allowed to put better perspective into my book. All because of a fireplace and a space heater.

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