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AC while traveling

AC while traveling

I remember the first time I ever flew on an airplane. I was eight years old, and it was a magical adventure. At least, that is how it lives on in my memories, I’m sure the reality was far different. These days when i take a commercial flight I try to go back to the earlier, innocent age when the airport was an awesome place to see, and the act of flying seemed miraculous. Now it all just feels like a chore, and the plane ride isn’t magical, it’s just a way to save time over driving long distance. If I got to pick, I would drive more often, if only because the rental car air conditioners are always incredibly cold. I don’t always have the extra 10, 12, or even 16 hours to drive somewhere when I can fly, but man alive do I hate the climate control system they have on flights these days. It takes one heck of a strong air conditioner to cool off so many people crammed into such a small space. It would seem that no airline I have ever ridden had such a strong A/C unit. All they give you is a tiny nozzle to blast a thin laser beam of AC at your face. It is no good at cooling you down, and instead taunts you with just a taste of cooled air. Whenever I get the chance to drive somewhere, I always rent myself a car, crank down the thermostat as far as it will go, and enjoy the ride.

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