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Keeping the a/c good is tough

Keeping the a/c good is tough

My father has consistently been such a humble and hardworking person. He has had the same task for close to twenty five years. This next week though, he is finally retiring from that job position. He is not a guy of flash whatsoever, and does not like being the center of attention so we are throwing him a small family retirement celebration. I was going to surprise him with a massive ice cream cake since that was his favorite dessert in the world, and what I had not planned on however, was how overheated my lake property can get in the summer. We live in the Deep South, and having a well working cooling system is rather expensive. Therefore I am hardly ever at my property during the day because it is insanely hot. I tend to go to local tea shops and use their WIFI and cooling equipment. I ordered the cake to be delivered to my property while I was away at the tea shop. I came back to my property to a horrible surprise. The large and luxurious ice cream cake that I ordered was pretty much melted altogether. It had only been delivered around an hour ago, but my property was feeling like a giant gas heater. I was going to turn on the cooling equipment before I left for the tea shop to do a little bit of work, although I had completely forgotten to do just that. I decided to go to a local bakery and grab a cake from there instead. Happily, our father didn’t seem to mind in the least. In fact, he loved the cake quite a bit.  I’m just delighted that he still had a fabulous time and I didn’t ruin his special day. I can’t wait for the upcoming afternoons of playing some golf with my dad on the weekends and eating plenty of still frozen ice cream cake.

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