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Our AC needs a boost

Our AC needs a boost

During the Summer months, my buddies and I spend the majority of our off time at the beach. When the tide is right, we typically have our fishing poles out with a line in the water. On hot and sunny days, we’ll go surfing or snorkeling off the pier. We often joke that there is so much we can do while doing hardly anything.  Life is better at the beach. We like to go to this quiet little beach off the local coast. The sand is snow white and feels like soft powder. It’s very clean and the waves are terrific. Plus, the city recently built a new boardwalk and there are several cooling stations. Beachgoers have to opportunity to get out of the sun and heat for a few minutes. It’s free.  The cooling station is basically a tent with these cooling tubes that are fed cool air by a commercial HVAC system. The system pump scold water into the vents that are fed by the ducts, so it blows a cool mist on you. There always someone on hand throughout the afternoon to monitor the station. Everyone and anyone are welcome to cool off for a bit. It’s a great addition to the new pier.  They were forced to rebuild the whole area after the last hurricane came through. Before that storm destroyed everything, there weren’t any good places to find shade or cool off. Now, it’s like having air conditioning at the beach. The cool mist at the tent is the perfect reprieve on a super hot day. My favorite spot is conveniently located next to the ice cream shop right there on the beach.

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