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Car repair and a/c

Car repair and a/c

I like to handle the work  on my own vehicles when I can. There is something satisfying about saving the money on auto repairs.  I am happy turning a wrench on a weekend morning. I know how to while a carburetor, replace spark plugs or change the oil.   While growing up, my younger brother and I rebuilt more a bunch of different cars out in the backyard with my dad. The vehicles were old and considered antiques back then.  By today’s standards these cars would be antiques or vintage. It was far easier to work on cars back then, when compared to today’s models. There is so specialized electronics and technology required to repair this modern models.  It’s almost impossible to handle repairs without hiring a professional. The A/C broke down in my truck the other day. I assumed the equipment was basically a small Heating plus Air Conditioning system that I could repair on my own, but I was mistaken. In my home, for any concerns with the cooling system, I would have to hire a licensed HVAC professional  to come repair it. For my truck’s air conditioning, I had to take it to a specialist to see what was wrong. The Heating plus Air Conditioning component at home is fairly straightforward in design, but the one in the truck has a bunch of sensors. These sensors talk to the central control. If one of them malfunctions, it can be a pain to pinpoint the issue. Needless to say, with the heat and humidity of Summer in full swing, I was more than willing to spend a day at the auto shop while they fixed my air conditioning. Fortunately, there is a nice air conditioned lobby where I waited for my truck.

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