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Want a good HVAC professional

Want a good HVAC professional

Shortly after I  got my certification as a heating, ventilation and air conditioner repairman, I realized I needed to set myself up in the industry by racking up some experience on the work field, then i searched for weeks on end to find a contracting firm with an open position, but all the positions I saw was for only part-time help. I needed a full-time occupation if I was going to build some real experience! That’s when I stumbled upon an house complex that needed an on-site handyman. I was somewhat knowledgeable about plumbing, electrical work and the like, so I decided to apply – and to my shock, I got the work! It seemed love a blessing, until our first week on the work. I never had to unquestionably work on any heating and cooling units, nor did I have to perform check-ups on each apartment’s system. Instead, I was a glorified air filter replacer, then for days at that job, I had an incredible amount of freetime (the fun of being on-call), yet all I ever seemed to do was replace air filters, once in a while, I’d must turn off an air conditioner plan and power it back on, but that was rare, however don’t get me wrong – I’m happy the complex had excellent heating and air conditioner device that rarely needed repairs, despite the fact that I couldn’t stop pondering why they paid to have me on staff to service machines that aren’t shut down. Finally, there was a day where I had our work cut out for me: numerous weird apartments had legitimate mechanical breakdowns in their Heating and Air Conditioning systems. One of them really caught fire, and the fire department had to be called to contain the blaze, that was such an intriguing day for me! Sadly, it was a single of few over the year I spent working at that complex. I for sure don’t miss working there, now that I’m currently working for an Heating and Air Conditioning contracting firm and have our work cut out for me on a everyday basis.

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