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Zoned heating

Zoned heating

Now that Summer is almost over, I’m preparing myself to be a pigskin widow once again. My spouse loves to play fantasy football, plus so he ends up enjoying or recording basically every single game that comes on TV. This means that he’s watching hours plus hours of pigskin every single week, leaving me all alone in our room. This would usually be completely fantastic with me, since I never get any alone time plus I like having time to myself! Unfortunately for me, though, pigskin season regularly ends with cooler temperatures outside. Therefore, I’m colder inside of our house. I don’t like to turn the heating on until it’s truly cold outside because I don’t like the method of having to pay the bills for the oil furnace running all day. When my spouse stays up all evening enjoying pigskin in the other room, I get very cold in our home office. I don’t care for to turn the heating on for the entire beach house just because I’m cold without him to snuggle with me, even though I can’t seem to get warm with just a blanket. I’m starting to assume that maybe I should tell him that if I’m going to be a pigskin widow for many months out of the year. We should look into investing into zone control heating for our house. At least that way, I’d be able to stay warm separate from paying to run the oil furnace in every area of the entire house. I assume my other option would be to get a ductless mini-chop unit for our master home office.

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