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The rooftop HVAC

The rooftop HVAC

When I was in the hospital having my baby girl, I will never forget all of the troubles that the hospital had with their heating & a/c system! It was such an amazing time for us. We were adding a new member to the family & I couldn’t wait to have her be in our family! I was in labor for over 24 hours & it was hard work! But let me tell you that one of the worst parts of the whole hospital stay had honestly zero to do with labor! The hospital was the only one with a birthing center in the whole county, so there was honestly only one choice for us to go to have the baby. Unfortunately for us, the hospital was experiencing some terrible troubles with their commercial air conditioning & heating units that were located up on the roof of the building. The birthing center was on the top floor, & each one of us could hear all the hammering & banging & clanging from the rooftop all night long when the Heating & A/C company came to the hospital to work on the Heating & A/C units. We knew that in order for the work & delivery suite to have any improved indoor air quality, each one of us would have to deal with the sounds from the heating & air conditioning professionals up on the roof. You wouldn’t know how noisy those boys were up there! They walked in & out with all kinds of HVAC duct & power cords & heating & air conditioning tools & supplies. Meanwhile, I was in the hospital room alternately cold to death from all of the undefined or covered in sweat my butt off with a gas furnace component that wouldn’t shut off. It was a pretty crazy situation I was so cheerful to finally have my baby in my lap & to get out of that place & back apartment to my own control unit!

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