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Air quality products

Air quality products

I’m not really sure what the point of health insurance even is anymore. First of all, it’s barely affordable even with a paying full time job. I seriously have no clue how someone with a family can manage to keep them covered, because I sure can’t even afford it on my own. Secondly, after you spend all that money it doesn’t seem as though insurance even covers the vast majority of expenses. If it isn’t some ridiculous office fee, it’ll be a primo prescription that can’t be covered with generic meds. I swear, it’s a major scam. Most recently, I’ve realized that insurance won’t even cover medical devices that have been expressly prescribed by a physician. I found out the strenuous way, via denial of our new whole-household air purifier at home. You see, our troubles began about 6 months back, when I abruptly couldn’t breathe in our own indoor air at home. I started taking dust sensitivity medication, plus some of the symptoms of my airborne illness was able to improve… however, it wasn’t long before I noticed a direct correlation between feeling under the weather plus feeling indoor air quality control… There was no doubt that something about our Heating plus A/C device entirely aggravated my lungs plus nasal passages. I had the central Heating plus A/C device cleaned out, however still the symptoms persisted. Finally, a doctor prescribed a full whole-household air purifier plus told me to submit the ventilation costs to our insurance company… plus they denied any coverage of the extravagant indoor air quality levels machinery. I couldn’t afford that high end whole-household air purifier! Well, long story short, I’m breathing easier now, however my sleep has absolutely taken a downfall.

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