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Humidity in the state

Humidity in the state

Everyone is constantly talking about how stressful it is to travel, and there are a million points of possible disaster that seem to universally frustrate people. Even though I understand the struggle well, I honestly feel that there are bigger fish to fry. Even with airports plus hotel room debacles running uncontrolled, I still have to say, I feel as though hosting guests is way more stressful than being one yourself. Traveling is really challenging plus allows the victim really little control over their own fate… but hosting people gives you way too much power, in my opinion. You are in charge of every single aspect of your guests’ stay, plus to myself and others that is overwhelming. It also doesn’t help when you have guests who make groundless requests. I know this from my own experience. Just the other week, my bestie had friends come in from out of town to stay with us. I thought the household was clean plus comfortable for them, but apparently I was incorrect. One day I went up to refresh their linens plus found that they had their window open a bit, letting in the sizzling plus humid air from outside even though our A/C device was running at near-maximum capacity. When I asked them about the indoor air quality conditions, they admitted that they had been a bit uncomfortable with our temperature control settings. I was absolutely shocked, as the air temperature control was only set to 69 degrees! I tried to deduce what temperature they would rather have, but they just shook their heads plus told myself and others it was legitimately the humidity which was causing them discomfort. Coming from the South, they are used to continual humidity, indoor air or out. They were easily fine with the temperature itself, but wanted us to pump some moisture back into our new household somehow. I’m terribly sorry, but you’re going to have to be uncomfortable this time.

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