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AC and thermostats remind me of mom

AC and thermostats remind me of mom

My mother passed away fairly recently as well as it is a really massive change for me.  I miss having her come out as well as help me make a nice dinner in the night. I miss the banter that the two of us shared when the two of us were playing games inside the evening.  I miss just laying as well as listening to her tell me the same stories that I have already heard about a million times. I wake up in the midst of the night as well as I find myself going over to make sure she hasn’t fallen asleep as well as left the temperature control turned up to seventy.  I open the door, to make sure it isn’t too overheated in the room as well as thinking I could turn on the ceiling fan. I even believe that I hear her rock n roll playing. I’ve taken to turning on her air conditioning device even though there isn’t anyone there, hoping to just make me feel as though I am not so alone.  I assume this could be a single one of the most strenuous things that I have ever done in my life. I was really chilly the other afternoon as well as instead of turning up the temperature control device, I grabbed a single one of her robes as well as I was wearing it over my own clothing. I looked in the mirror as well as I realized what I was actually doing.  I turned off the light, hung the robe in the closet as well as I forced myself to walk away. I’ve been leaving her air conditioning device off during the afternoon as well as I’ve closed her door now, so I didn’t feel the urge to go in there anymore. I’ve removed her night light as well as I actually know that she isn’t home.

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