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HVAC is wild

HVAC is wild

My daughter took her family plus went camping a few weeks ago.  They said they had a superb time, however I don’t fully understand how.  They rented a cottage at the camping ground. The air conditioning device didn’t work, plus there were all kinds of rules posted about cottage use.  1. Do not mess with the thermostat. 2. Do not turn the gas furnace off if it is already on. 3. Do not turn the air conditioning device on if it is off.   4. Do not remove the table cloth. None of these rules make sense to me. 5. Do not sleep on the roof of the cottage. Now I was wondering if sleeping on the roof was because of rule number 3.  Do not turn the air conditioning device on if it is off. I asked my daughter what she paid $2000 for plus she wasn’t entirely sure. They had to take their own linen, they needed to supply their own towels plus kitchen towels.  There were dishes, however they had to be placed back where they were found. The owner of the cottage actually had drawings in the cupboard to show what belonged there. I suppose this lady was just overly obsessive plus compulsive.  When she got back home, she was delighted to be able to touch what she wished plus to turn on the a/c device or turn off the heater. She swears she would never rent another cottage, however I doubt that she means it. I suppose she will rent a cottage there, just not that one in particular.  They had too much fun at the lake to not go back again..

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