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Large heating units

Large heating units

My family is absolutely obsessed with pigskin.  They spend all year looking forward to pigskin season.  They never quit talking about it. They spend most of their time making predictions about how their team is going to do that season.  They also spend tons of money setting up their tailgating set up. Each year, they spend thousands of dollars on season tickets & tailgating preparations.  They pretty much go all out. I am not a big pigskin fan myself, although I go along with it because our family absolutely enjoys it. Football season falls in the midst of winter.  The group of us tailgate outdoors before games, no matter how frosty or snowy the weather is. I watch other fans suffer through the severe Winter time weather while the lot of us are tailgating with pity.  Our tailgating setup is definitely prepared for all types of weather. My parents & their friends invested in massive gas heaters. These gas heating devices keep our entire tailgating section tepid & comfortable.  The group of us set up a large tent with many gas heating devices on the perimeter of the tent. It is amazing how powerful these gas heating devices are. It is almost as if the Winter time weather is on pause while the lot of us are tailgating.  I always feel awful when I watch other fans suffer through the cold separate from any gas furnace. It entirely makes me thankful that our parents ensure that the lot of us are easily toasty while the lot of us are tailgating. The cold can entirely ruin a tailgating experience, however these gas heating devices ensure that this doesn’t happen.  Maybe our parents are a bit strict with their tailgating preparations, however it keeps everyone cheerful & comfortable. It allows us to focus on celebrating & pigskin.

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