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Baseball with no cooling

Baseball with no cooling

The little league coach on my son’s old team really took things way too far. He busy the importance of winning over having fun, which flat out ruined the baseball experience for my child as well as I moved my kid to a different team, however before them the two of us got to experience his vile and nasty coaching style. He publically humiliated any ladies he deemed were not working intensely enough, as well as overworked them at every single practice. He busy time at a local indoor batting cage place outside the normal schedule, claiming they were mandatory for anyone who wanted to play on the team. I hated those batting cages. The building had visible signs of filth and disrepair, was consistently filthy, as well as offered no cooling whatsoever. The air conditioning systems had broken who knows how long ago, as well as the staff never called in to get them repaired. It’s not a safe plan to have ladies physically exerting themselves with brutal batting practice separate from any air conditioning, especially given the heavy helmets they were wearing! Overheating was a real danger, as well as many of the ladies on the team complained about feeling nauseous. When they complained, the ladies were punished with longer and longer practice periods, as well as were not permitted to drink from their water bottles, adding in the very real threat of dehydration. I guess batting cages are a good tool for helping ladies hone their batting skills, however all the other parents as well as I agreed the two of us could not continue to let these ladies practice there separate from air conditioning. When confronted, the coach turned against us parents, claiming there would be no air conditioning out on the baseball field while the two of us were in a game as well as that this was to build up the ladies’ heat tolerance. That was the final straw that pushed myself and others to finally pull my child from that team, to get him on 1 where the two of us could both care about the game once again.

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