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Cooling with a remote

Cooling with a remote

About two decades ago, the thought that a car could start itself, let alone remotely, was enough to blow someone’s mind. Today it’s more mind-blowing if technology can’t somehow be automated. It’s just amazing how attitudes can change. It’s not like I can judge. I’ve been known to prefer something remote-controlled to something that isn’t. That’s why I have an air conditioner that’s mounted to the window of my bedroom and living room in my house. For the longest time I thought this HVAC method was the most efficient way to keep the house cool. I controlled the units with remotes by the front door so that I could turn the air conditioners off while I went to work. When I got home, as I set down all of my things, I would pick up the remote controls and turn them both to on at the same time. It was the best. I felt like my home was a house of the future. Then one of the units broke down, shortly followed by the other unit within a week. With no other way to cool the house down, I figured I should get my old ducts cleaned out and actually install a proper central air conditioning system. My new system has a thermostat that is controlled through wireless internet, so I can control the temperature of my home through an app on my phone. Now it’s just like when I had the window units, but better. Instead of needing to be in the home to turn on my unit, I can even do it from the car on my way home. Now I can walk into a perfectly cooled home. While I was sad to part with my window AC units, the change I made has already proven to be far more energy-efficient.

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