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Ductless mini split is icky

Ductless mini split is icky

          My condo is zone controlled. Every room in the condo had a ductless mini split and temperature control. I like having Heating and Air Conditioning zone control for our bedroom, den and family room. However, zone control in the bathroom was a ridiculous idea. Having central Heating and Air Conditioning was way better for our bathroom. The air vent was high and far away from the shower. The bathroom still has quality heating and cooling though, but with zone control, I have a separate ductless device in the bathroom.

             The shower steam gets sucked  into the ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system… Often, I have to take apart the air handler and check for mold. The moisture creates all sorts of bacteria to form in there. Because of the toilet paper, baby powder and sprays in the bathroom, the Heating and Air Conditioning plan is nasty.  Again, I have to take apart the device and clean it from top to bottom. I guess that this air handler is going to break in half the time of the others.

               I then will have climate control in every room of the condo except the bathroom. The temperature control is not faring any better either! Constantly being wet has caused the temperature control to develop rust.

             I absolutely should look into a Heating and Air Conditioning device that is not mounted on the wall of the bathroom. It is too gross and wet in there for metal. I wonder if there is a way to get a small Heating and Air Conditioning device that uses HVAC duct. I would only need to use it for the bathroom. I need something that provides heating and air but is not actually in the room.

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