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Uncomfortable a/c

Uncomfortable a/c

Every year, our parents host a large summertime party. All of our friends and family look forward to this annual party. My parents go all out and they open our pool for pretty much everyone to enjoy, order the best catering for food, stock our bar with the finest liquors, and they bake the most delicious desserts. Last year, our parents forgot one important item – they forgot to order a tent. By the time they realized this, it was too late to get a tent. Most years, the weather has been fine and they never had any concerns, so they thought it would hold true for this year too! They were so wrong. It was raining just like a hurricane last year. My parents had no option but to bring the party inside. Our home is pretty big, but with a hundred guests and the humidity outside, it became like an oven indoors. We blasted the cooling system, hoping it would make a difference, but it didn’t help at all. Our guests were dripping with sweat, and my dad tried turning on the cooling system even higher and adding a few fans to ease the heat. But nothing helped. It felt prefer just like hot air was blowing throughout the house. The guests were so uncomfortable and disappointed, too. Many people ended up leaving early, but luckily, the home cooled down by night time. We had about fifty guests left when the night brought some cool air. So we ended up enjoying those last few hours of the party. My parents felt much better by then but I don’t think that they’ll ever forget to order a tent again!

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