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Bike ride with no a/c

Bike ride with no a/c

When my mechanic called plus told me that my truck was finally ready to be picked up, I decided to ride my bike plus go get it on my own. I didn’t want to wait another afternoon for a ride from a friend… Besides, it was only 3 miles away plus I could just easily throw my bicycle in the back of the truck when I drove it home. Roughly 2 miles into the bike ride, I discovered I was not as fit as I had thought, however the heat index must have been into the hundreds plus I was starting to feel unwell. Thankfully there was a little mini mart for me to stop in plus catch my second wind. I felt better the moment I walked through the door. The air conditioning device was on full blast. I purchased a slushy. There were not tables or chair however I was able to lean against the counter plus enjoy my slushy plus soak in the cooling air. Before long, I entirely felt a little bit nippy, the air conditioning device was toiling that well! Once I finished my slushy I was physically ready to hit the road once more but it took a bit to convince myself mentally to leave the comfortable air conditioning device plus ride the rest of the way to the mechanic… Still, I was closer to my endpoint than I was to my lake household so there was nothing to do but carry on. I’m grateful that the mechanic also had a nice toiling air conditioning device in their lobby too because I was hot and sweaty once more by the time I arrived there. But, at least I got my truck plus was able to go back to my lake household.

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