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roofing job and no a/c

roofing job and no a/c

I am a local roofer, so around these parts you understand how it is 1 of the very most demanding plus grueling jobs anyone can find. The pay isn’t too bad, however the labor is intense plus the extreme heat is enough to run off the weak people.  I am not kidding, just yesterday the two of us dropped several of our workers, which racks up a total of 6 who have quit so far this summer. Out in this heat plus humidity, up on a roof means no shade of any kind, it is not a trick at all to get heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  At the end of each afternoon I get into the truck, crank the AC down all the way, then just sit there for a few minutes. I don’t even use our dinner breaks to get in the AC because I know from experience when the break ends I won’t want to go back up on that roof. Half the people who have quit were folks who went to find an air conditioner on their breaks then just ended up not coming back. It is easy to blame them for doing that, but every night at home I sit in front of an air vent to ponder the same thing. Of course, I remember that not having a fantastic job to pay for utilities plus rent then I would have no climate control at all.  Without my roofing job I couldn’t even begin to afford our truck payments so I couldn’t even rest in there and enjoy the cooling. I would love to have an air conditioned job, however as they say, folks in hell want ice cream!

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