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Lacking in ac at the laundromat

Lacking in ac at the laundromat

A few days ago, my 20 year old washing machine broke, and it’s been repaired on many separate occasions. My spouse and I do not have the money to replace the washing device right now, so we are stuck taking our laundry to the laundromat; We live in an actually small City, so there is only one coin-operated laundromat. The place is actually old as well as dreary, and the machines appear to be from 1969. The laundromat is not equipped with Central cooling system, however there are 2 big industrial fans at both sides of the building. The industrial fans do not supply much cool air, however at least they circulate a lot of the stagnant air. There is a small bar next to the place, as well as they have Central cooling system. My spouse and I have been putting our laundry in the washing machine, then going to sit in the bar in the central cooling system. I do not mind sipping on a beer, while my clothes are washing. The laundromat is the only one here in our town, however I understand why they do not have Central cooling system. The dryers run on gas, and that puts an big very large amount of heat energy into the air. The central cooling system unit would be working against the heat from the gas dryers. My spouse and I undoubtedly would not feel any cold air from the cooling unit system, as well as it would likely cost the owner an immense large penny.

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