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Good cooling at our hospital

Good cooling at our hospital

My good old friend recently went on a mission trip overseas, and the program was to serve people who needed her medical expertise, so she joined an expedition to work in a hospital in a different country; She was expecting things to be worse than they are here in our country, of course, because why else would they need missionaries? However, she told me she was actually freaked out to discover that the hospital she went to task in has actually no air conditioning unit. The heating is not as vital, according to her, because the weather conditions is hot as ever most of the year. She informed myself and other friends that heat encourages the growth of germs, so being without air conditioning is detrimental. She said she was saddened and upset to see that even the operating rooms in the hospital did not have any air conditioning; In fact, just to keep the medical professionals from passing out from the long hours as well as the heat, they opened the windows in the operating rooms as well as they used box fans on the floor; Everyone here knows that box fans as well as open windows just allow things to be introduced to the environment as well as kill the sterile room, however air conditioning is much more needed in a hospital; My friend is sure that some people are dying after surgery because they get infections because there is no way to air condition the building so windows allow dust and grime inside, but now my good old friend has started a fundraising campaign to get a cooling system installed in the hospital where she worked.

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