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Need a lot of heating

Need a lot of heating

I have what is known as an extreme heat sensitivity, according to my doctors. They honestly don’t know what else to call it, because none of them have ever seen a case like mine before… Basically whenever the temperature rises above 80 degrees plus I start to sweat, my body has a dire plus adverse reaction. I easily break out into hives, I get terrible headaches, plus I get terrible cramps, plus it has been happening exactly like this for as long as I can remember. This means that during the Winter I can go where I wish, however the Summer keeps me trapped indoors, afraid to leave the air conditioning device lest I fall ill. Thank goodness for the existence of climate control, because had I been born 40 years ago I never would have made it through childhood. Now that Heating and A/C devices are so advanced plus so omnipresent in our culture, I can still go to the mall or the motion pictures on even the hottest of afternoons. Cars plus trucks tend to have better A/C nowadays than houses did when I was younger, so traveling is usually just fine. I just cannot spend more than a couple of hours out in the heating plus direct light of the Summer sun. This means I have to be incredibly careful, plus usually only go out during the night when the landscape starts cooling down after sunset. On the plus side, because of my condition the medical insurance pays for my Heating and A/C equipment in my household. They also have a trained Heating and A/C worker come by once a week to inspect all of my equipment.

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