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Outdoor a/c compressor is a hazard

Outdoor a/c compressor is a hazard

Here’s a thrilling fact: One of the most commonly overlooked fire hazards at a household can be found directly outside! All it takes is your household’s a/c condenser unit – you know, the immense metal box with a fan that sits on a concrete slab. This device requires more care than most ever would consider, as there’s several things to keep in mind regarding how the device functions. Air conditioner condensers have the thin openings all around the unit to draw outside air into the machine, where the air is condensed, refrigerated plus transported in plus around the household with the duct system. Now, if the a/c condenser is surrounded by shrubbery, bushes, or other sizable obstacles, there has to be at least two feet of open-air space between the condenser unit plus the obstructions. Otherwise, this everyday grass décor can easily suffocate the a/c condenser plus prevent it from pulling enough air in through the system. Typically, the a/c condenser will shut down as the compressor will actually freeze over, but there are times where the device will keep running separate from pause. Such a thing happened to me, plus it had some serious consequences! Worst of all, it happened while I was out picking up groceries! I came back to my household from the supermarket with bags of food, only to see the fire department outside my household, hosing off the condenser as it poured smoke into the air. That was the first, last plus only time that I let the bushes surrounding the condenser go entirely untamed! Now, I’m vigilant to make sure the condenser has enough room to breathe. You might call it being paranoid, but I’d say it’s being entirely on the safe side!

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