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fireplace safety

fireplace safety

Of course, there was once a time where fireplaces were the best method of heating. Back then, people relied upon them whenever they were cold! In this time and age, using a fireplace is more of something that we do on a unique occasion. It simply is more of a luxury than a need now, because fireplaces have become outdated because of their more new counterparts. But regardless, people still like the ambient heat of a slow burning fire when they want to unwind and relax; however, this means that some people are not entirely informed on how to safely operate a fireplace. With a firepit literally right inside your home, naturally there are a lot of dangers present, too. First, the respected ventilation of smoke is imperative. Even though the chimney is directly above the fireplace, it is still strongly suggested to keep a window nearby cracked. Next, ensure that the flue for your fireplace is open before you light your fire and until after the last ember burns. It is also crucial for you to select the right wood for your fireplace… Dry and well-aged wood is ideal. Wet or red wood produces more smoke and causes soot to build up in your chimney. Ensure that you remove any ashes from your previous fires. A fireplace that is not cleaned will ultimately produce more smoke as well. Probably the most obvious precaution should be mentioned here as well. It’s a good idea to remove anything flammable near your fireplace, but be sure to also have your fireplace checked by an appropriate service specialist. He could also supply you with further safety tips to stay both warm and safe when operating your fireplace.

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