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Sick and needs an air cleaner

Sick and needs an air cleaner

My daughter is allergic to almost everything.  Her body can’t handle any kind of scents, perfumes, cleaning odors, smoking, cooking smells, or even animals.  She has severe reactions to almost everything environmental. We are quite vigilant about making sure the air filters are changed regularly, yet we still had her in the hospital emergency room three times, last week.  I was reading online that others who have the same reactions, are finding relief by the use of air purification systems. I read more about the air purification systems and they are installed directly into the heating and air conditioning units.  There is the system called the Pure Air Filtering system. The Pure Air Filtering system takes care of all of the contaminants and allergens, including mold and mildew. Most air filter systems will only kill and eliminate one of the three common allergens.  I called the HVAC company and I asked if I could have a Pure Air Filter System installed in my heating and air conditioning. The HVAC service tech came out the next day and he quickly assessed our central HVAC and told us he could do it. The next day he installed our Pure Air Filter system.  Within twenty-four hours, our daughter was feeling a hundred better. When she went back to her allergen, he even lowered the amount of allergy medications she had been taking. Although the Pure Air Filter System was really expensive, I would have paid three times that much to see my daughter playing and laughing like she is now.

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