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HVAC system is small in the home

HVAC system is small in the home

By the time we found our home, I was exhausted.  I think we looked at one hundred homes before we narrowed it down to two.  I knew we wanted a fixer-upper, but we saw some real hovels. The two we chose both needed new carpeting and they were really dirty, but we chose this one because the owner had put in a new HVAC system.  The realtor said she had told them that it would be a good selling point. The problem is that they had put in the cheapest and smallest heating and air conditioning units, they could find. My husband and I started with the repairs, not knowing the information about the HVAC.  We had the rugs ripped out and replaced and all of the walls and ceilings had been painted. We repaired windows and put all new hardware in and even remodeled the bathroom to make it bright. We moved in and turned on the air conditioner. It didn’t cool our home. We waited for two days, but the house was sticky and hot.  I called the HVAC company and that is when we found out about the cheap and small. He said that we needed a HVAC system that was four times that size. We now had to put in a full heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Had we known we had to do that, we wouldn’t have been so quick to update the bathroom. The only good things is that we are comfortable now, and with regular maintenance, inspections and minor repairs, we should have excellent heating and AC for at least twenty years.

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