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Air purifier in the Winter

Air purifier in the Winter

When my husband and I moved into our home, there was nothing there but a window air conditioner and a fireplace.  We knew these had to go, because I have asthma. The smoke and dry air that comes from the fireplace would have been a killer for me.  The fireplace was pretty, but it wasn’t something we could use, so we had to have a new HVAC system installed in our home. We called the HVAC company and told them what we needed, and they sent someone out to our home.  They talked to us about a Pure Air Filter system and how it worked. They said that most air purification systems only killed off one type of germ or bacteria, but the Pure Air Filter was installed right into the heating and air conditioning and it was able to destroy all germs and bacteria, including mold and mildew.  It filters out the odors and the scents, and gave us crisp and clean air quality. We also had a humidifier inserted into the system, to stop the air from drying out so badly. It’s funny how I never realized you could get an air purifier, or a humidifier that could be added right into the HVAC system. We kept the fireplace for looks, but thanks to the Pure Air filter system, I am having an easier time breathing during the winter.  Short of a gas mask, I wonder what I could do about not breathing in when I am outside. It would be nice if I could just stay home all day with my Pure Air Filter system.

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