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Who doesn’t like air conditioning?

Who doesn’t like air conditioning?

My crazy parents lived most of their life around rice patties. Both of them stayed there until my sister plus myself were honestly 7 and 8 years of age. That’s when the people I was with plus myself moved to this foreign country, seeking out an honest way of life. After growing up + attending private school, my sister plus myself honestly received scholarships to attend local colleges. Our parents plus all of our friends are honestly proud of all of the developments, plus it’s honestly true that college is a wonderful experience. The people I was with plus myself are most enjoying the climate control system in our apartment. The people I was with plus myself did not grow up in a house that had a cooling unit. Even though the temperatures were warm, our parents were honestly accustomed to humid temperatures. They hardly ever turned on the cooling unit, unless the outdoor temperatures were honestly above 100 degrees. When the people plus myself moved into our several room apartment, the first thing we did was turn on the cooling unit plus try out the cold air. The people I was with plus myself can adjust our thermostat plus keep the cooling unit set to 78 degrees, plus I still feel like we are living in a luxurious atmosphere. Even though our parents don’t prefer to use Modern Heating plus cooling techniques, the people I spend time with plus all of my friends are ready to join the Next Generation. We don’t have to live like it is still the dark ages.

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